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There is an eardrum on either side, but the auditory canal that it covers, is continuous from one side of the head to the other. This appears to be yet another adaptation to assist in pinpoint orientation of potential prey. The high degree of development of the middle and inner ears indicates the effectiveness of crocodilian hearing over a wide range of frequencies Hz. Indeed the crocodilian ear is considered the most specialised within the Class Reptilia. The brain is relatively small, and lies directly below the midline of the cranial platform.

Here, it is protected from the teeth of other crocodilians, and also lies in a position where it can heat rapidly when an animal is basking. This is important, because the brain must evaluate signals being received from the eyes, ears and nostrils, and like other reptiles, it probably functions more efficiently within a "preferred" temperature range. The "smell" or olfactory functions of the brain are particularly important, and prominent olfactory lobes extend forward to the nasal chambers. These pits contain bundles of nerve endings and are involved in the detection of movement or vibrations in the water.

Crocodilian jaws are designed for grabbing and holding prey. The teeth are conical and designed to penetrate and hold, rather than cut and chew. In the Gharial, Tomistoma and other narrow-snouted species such as the Australian Freshwater Crocodile, the teeth can be very sharp indeed. The teeth of the upper and lower jaws intermesh perfectly when the jaws are closed, giving yet another means of holding firmly whatever they grasp. Teeth are often lost, but beneath each one is a replacement ready to fill the vacancy. Replacement of teeth occurs roughly every 20 months, throughout life, but slows down as the animal gets older, and may stop altogether with the oldest and largest individuals.

The number of teeth varies from 60 in the Dwarf Crocodile to in the Gharial. Saltwater Crocodiles have 66 teeth, 18 on each side of the upper jaw and 15 on each side of the lower jaw. The muscles that close the jaws are capable of generating enormous power. They are able to crush turtle shells with ease, and a large Saltwater Crocodile holding a pig's head can simply crush the skull by flexing the muscles from a "standing start". Yet the muscles that open the jaws have little strength. For example, a rubber band around the snout of a 2 m long crocodilian is sufficient to prevent it opening its mouth.

In contrast, two strong people equipped with an assortment of levers are required to force open the mouth of a 1 m long crocodilian against the action of the muscles holding it shut. Although crocodilian jaws are capable of enormous power, they are also capable of delicate and gentle action. Large adults can pick up and roll unhatched eggs between their jaws, gently squeezing them until they hatch.

Most species of crocodilian carry newly hatched young down to the water in their mouths. The internal organs of crocodilians are just as unique and specialised as the skeleton and external features. Crocodilians do not have a diaphragm separating the chest cavity from the viscera, and inhalation is achieved by the backward movement of the liver and other organs. The organs heart, lungs, intestines, kidneys, etc. The crocodilian heart is quite unique. Crocodilians, like mammals and birds, have a four-chambered heart two atria and two separate ventricles.

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In the three-chambered reptile heart, blood destined for the lungs deoxygenated blood can mix in the partly divided ventricle with blood destined to go out to the body oxygenated blood from the lungs. In mammals and birds such mixing is impossible. But in crocodilians the blood vessels draining the left and right ventricles have an interconnecting aperture the Foramen of Panizza between them, which allows some mixing of blood, but outside of the ventricles. The mixing of blood can be advantageous to a diving reptile. It hasn't been mentioned where the cult originated, how popular it is, or where it is most popular.

The mention of Bakkalon in the novels is an inside reference to "The Thousand Worlds", a science fiction universe also created by George R. Centuries in the future, humanity had spread to colonies on hundreds of different planets and lived in relative peace, but was then invaded by the Hranga, a malevolent alien race which used psychic powers to enslave hordes of other subject races - such as the Fyndii - which they unleashed upon humanity.

Human-controlled space was devastated: many planets were destroyed, and others were cut off and reverted to Bronze Age levels of technology. The core human territories eventually managed to turn the tide against the Hranga, and through centuries of horrific warfare drove them to extinction.

Song of Teeth, Part 2

This vast destruction visited on humanity left many people embittered and heavily militarized. As a result, they developed a pervasive survivalist mindset and a pathological hatred of all alien races. I can't remember the title exactly but there were words such as 'a boy can build' and I think it was published in Great Britain after Any title suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The child's hair grew so long, and under the door all the way to where birds built their nests and bugs lived there too I think the child's name was Morgatroyd?

Anyhow, my little grand daughter seems encouraged to get her hair washed when I tell her this story. I used to read this to kids in pre-school in the early 90's.

Pale Eyes: Song of Teeth 2

Help me to find this book please? Thank you very much. Trying to remember the name of a children's book, set in England short chapter book with green boards, silver lettering on the cover and spine. Much of the book has to do with preparing for Christmas in rural England. I've been trying to remember this book for years! My kids read it when they were small, so it must be at least 15 years old now. It was about baby animals who were having a sleepover, and there were all different beds which the animals were tucked into. The animals were made of card and slotted into the beds. It looked hand illustrated and was largely pastel colours.

If anyone remembers this I'd be so grateful! I'd love to get it for my god child's third birthday!! I used to love these books when I was a kid. It was a series of chapter books about a pair of frogs they may have been mice, but I'm pretty sure that they were frogs, though not positive and their adventures in the forest. In one book, a raccoon antagonizes them, but soon they befriend him and he ends up saving them from a flock of herons, and in another book,they wander into a den of weasels one of them was fairly fat!

I remember a scene in the book where all the weasels are sitting at the table, eating and saying their names presumably so the reader could tell them apart ; I do remember that two of them were named Frieda and Fritz. There may have been other books in this series, but regrettably, I don't remember them all.

Sextus Propertius: The Love Elegies

I'd thought for a while that these might have been a spin-off of Arnold Lobel's ever-popular Frog and Toad series, but I looked up Arnold Lobel's books on Amazon. Any information would be much appreciated. They were also given some sort of magical bag with strings that rested between their shoulders which allowed them the power of flight Would really like to remember the name of this book.

It would've been in the early 70's when I read it and I remember it as a trade paperback. Kim - the book we are both remembering is 'the giant under the snow' by John Gordon - as soon as I read the description about finding an ancient buckle, it all fell into place. It was published in - and yes, there is a green man and the bag with the wind for flying! Happy reading I remember reading this and loving it when I was about nine years old.

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I have also desperately trying to find out what it was but have had no luck at all. I think I must have read it in Junior School in about Strangely I remember exactly the same details as you - especially about the bag that strapped onto their backs and then the pull strings - and the green man. I looked into the history and significance of all the chalk men carved into hillsides and have never quite been at ease with them since! I remembered the heroine's name was Jonquil - don't ask me why - and found it almost immediately.

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It is strange how we initially remembered exactly the same details - but I am certain this is the one. It has been reissued since its first publication in Someone told me it might be the Children of Green Knowe - and I remembered a song about 'Green Noah, evil tree, evil fingers cant catch me!

Its definitely the John Gordon book. The cover photo is of a blonde girl sitting and warming her bare feet in the fireplace.

It's in great condition. My husband and I have no children and are interested in selling this book, but do not know how to go about doing that. Any suggestions? I'm looking for a book that my babysitter used to read to me when i was about 5 years old A girl named Kara asks everyone in her family if they'd play with her, but they're all too busy; she finds a big red blanket and plays with it, and then her whole family joins in.

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  • I have been trying to find this book for years. It was a book of fairy tales, but it had one story in paticular about a brother and sister from a poor family whose Mom sends them town with their last money to buy bread for dinner before Father comes home. They pass a bakery and end up buying sweets. They are so upset by what they have done that they decide to run away from home. While resting under a tree a little mischievious green elf comes out from behind a tree and tells them stories of a place called candy land.

    He leads them to candy land where they fill them selves full of sweets but soon become home sick. I know it is only one story, in a book of Fairy tales. Any help finding it would be so appreciated! I'm trying to find a book I had for my daughter who was born in I think his name was a complicated one Boblobski , or something like that. He was planning a dinner party for his friends at his home. I read a book when I was in 3rd or 4th grade I'm 23 now. I think the girls body was missing and she fell off of the side of the mountain when she was hiking.

    I just would really like to find the book so I can share it with my niece. If anyone knows anything I would really appreciate it!

    I'm looking for a Halloween book aroundish. Please help of u can.