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I am far more than half serious in all that I have ever said about manuscript, as affording indication of character.

4d. Sage-green

The general proposition is unquestionable — that the mental qualities will have a tendency to impress the MS [manuscript]. The difficulty lies in the comparison of this tendency, as a mathematical force , with the forces of the various disturbing influences of mere circumstance. The actual practical extent to which these ideas are applicable, is not sufficiently understood.

For my own part, I by no means shrink from acknowledging that I act, hourly, upon estimates of character derived from chirography. The estimates, however, upon which I depend, are chiefly negative. For example: a man may not always be a man of genius, or a man of taste, or a man of firmness, or a man of any other quality, because he writes this hand or that; but then there are MSS.

Now, were any one to write me a letter in this MS.

Complement with Mary Gordon on the joy of writing by hand and some curious marginalia found in second-hand books. Brain Pickings participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn commissions by linking to Amazon. In an ideal world, students would like the price of textbook to be free and preferably incorporated into their course fees. When asked if they would prefer their own copy of a textbook, or more books available to students in the library, they said an extreme student discount or more available in the library.

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All students agreed they would not purchase a new edition of a textbook. Lecturers will often recommend previous editions of the textbook that are most relevant as they are also aware that students will most likely not buy the newest edition. All participants expect for one prefer physical books, mainly due to the functionality of a textbook.

As mentioned earlier, they want to be able to highlight and write notes in the book. Everyone agreed that the only reason they would choose an e-book over a textbook is due to the cost of a textbook. Many expressed issues they have had with e-books such as, they take too long to load, it is harder to read on screen and it is frustrating to use as they often do not display in the right format on their devices making it extremely difficult to use.

The main three features used are case studies, key terms and glossary. The case studies are only used to help with essay writing; there as the key terms and glossary and used throughout the entirety of the course as and when students need them. All participants agreed that they would only buy a textbook if they had the intentions of getting a specific book, such as the core texts.

They went on to express that they would not browse, and purchase based on anything other than a recommendation by the lecturer. Illustrations and diagrams are sought after features when explaining concepts.

A sage for all seasons

When asked if they would use the pedagogical features in an e-book, they all said they would less likely use any of them. Their reasoning being that they were already on a computer or electronic device and so they would Google things instead; this is due to the difficulty in navigating e-books. Blocks of four Specimen Type 9 and Type 9b. To see a plate number block of Type 9b click here. To see a current number strip of Type 9c click here.

A free-thinking sceptic

Plate 1 Type common, from four panes KA-TF x4, strip of 3, blocks of 4 x8 , 4 irregular , and 8 now split known. Reference to scarcity, blocks and the number of sheets or panes so treated is derived from reconstructions of known examples within our database. To see usage frequency graphs for the 4d click here. To see examples of other types of 4d usage click here.

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Plate 1 current no. It was taken from press in Oct after printing about 25, sheets. Three used pairs are known to us, one horizontal, one vertical, and one vertical perfin.

The earliest known used example is 7 Apr at LLangelly, Wales illustrated. Inverted watermarks are rare, but they are difficult to identify so there could be a few more. Four used examples are in our database. Plate 2 current no. Only the registration sheets were printed.

Imprimaturs exist, but no perforated examples are known. Skip to content. C 3s 77 NN violet, selected for the 4d D 4d 66 NN red, selected for the 3s — 4d 77 NN red, approved design For more details on second issue essays click here.

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Die Proofs To see more 4d Die Proofs click here. Sheet Layout The sheet had stamps in four panes, arranged two by two.

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A Post Office sheet was one pane, valued at one pound. Plate Proofs Plate proofs are only known for plate 2. Paper The 4d telegraph stamp was printed on the same paper as the corresponding postage stamp. Colour Trials For the second issue, colour trials were taken for all six values. Three types of Specimen overprint are all from the same sheet: Type 8 diagonal down reconstruction , Type 8 horizontal, and Type 11 diagonal up.

Imprimaturs Plates 1 and 2 were registered on 12 Jan and 18 June These sub-types can be determined from the corner letters as they come from different panes.