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Housewright's 'A Domestic Matter,' about a guy who helps friends, has such a perfect O.

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Henry ending you want to reread it to figure out how he did it. Paul from the inside out. A shy Puerto Rican teenage boy and a Hmong woman going to law school are Frogtown neighbors.

The unexpected consequences of their encounter reveals the challenges of immigrant tradition and American assimulation, with subtle perfection, echoing classic themes from James M. This time with an introduction by Lorna Lanvik. David Housewright's "Miss Behavin'" which follows a philandering physician down a spirial of bad luck and poor choices is particularly taut and suspenseful.

It includes short stories featuring witches, zombies, vampires, food critics, crazy writers, dumb criminals, interfering ghosts, ex-cops, suburban housewives, swamp monsters, and aliens written by a collection of best-selling, award-winning authors as well as emerging talents. Back in the golden age of the pulps, short stories were how authors honed their skills before writing novels.

Kwik Krimes (38 page)

Of course, after television killed the magazine market for short stories you have people like Lawrence Block telling younger writers not to bother with writing short stories, but just to jump straight into writing novels. That was certainly valid advice in the 80's, but I think it's maybe less true now because one of the effects of the Digital Age has been to bring back the short story as a commercially viable form. I'm thrilled that the short story and flash fiction are gaining such popularity lately and that's largely due to online culture.

So, what exactly is Flash Fiction? Different editors give their own definitions of "flash fiction," but basically it just means a really short story. Under words is a fairly typical limit because you can read a piece that long in about five minutes. I can tell you from experience it can be a real challenge to tell a full story with developed characters and an interesting plot in such a short span. But when you nail it, that's a thing of beauty. I can't wait to read all the other stories in Kwik Krimes.

This anthology is being billed as the best of online flash, so I'm counting on some amazing pieces. There are a bunch of great online publications doing short crime stories and flash fiction. I could go on and on.

Kwik Krimes

There's just so many of them! And if so, what makes it one and why do you like writing in that style? Well, everything I write is first and foremost "crime fiction. But really I'd say this story and a lot of my other recent stories are "western noir," if I can borrow that phrase from Ed Gorman who stands as the real master of that particular combination.

His novels in this vein deserve a much larger audience -- books like Lawless and Shoot First are great crime novels that mystery readers don't know because they get marketed as westerns.

Kwik Krimes Audiobook by Otto Penzler

Tom Piccirilli has written some great western noirs, and Joe R. Landsdale drifts into that territory as well.

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