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60's Girl Group Disc Guide

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About the Author. These profiles contain complete discographies for each of the groups and quotes from members of the many of the featured groups.

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Also included: A comprehensive listing of all girl group and their labels Pricing for of the most collectible girl group records More than photos This book enables all music lovers to learn how those fabulous voices came together to form the harmonies that captured generations and also find out the most current values of the hottest collectible records. Interview List.

During , there was much trouble brewing within the ranks of Motown's premier female group, The Supremes. Motown was preparing Diana Ross for her solo career.

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This did not sit well with Florence Ballard, who began missing performances. Many times, Marlene Barrow was often tapped to be a last minute stand-in for the ailing Ballard before her departure from The Supremes.

This employment was a way of stylistically separating Diana Ross from her group mates, preparing the record buying public for Diana Ross as a separate entity. Marlene did not consider her temporary position in The Supremes as an offer to replace Florence Ballard. I think that they had Cindy in mind from the start, but they had to straighten out everything with the contracts. I knew the songs, so they didn't have to teach me the songs.


I also fit her gowns. Jackie saw things a little differently. She feels Marlene could have had the spot if she so chose. Marlene came pretty close to a favored position, filling in on important dates like the dress rehearsal for The Supremes' show at The Copacabana, staged at The Basin Street East in Boston, as well as shows scheduled at other prominent venues.

However, by the end of the s, the work began to slow down. One of their last efforts was to supply backing vocals for Wanda Rogers, her work originally slated as a solo LP for her, but then assigned the title of "The Return of The Marvelettes". New, more self-contained artists were joining the Motown roster. Still, Louvain remembers the sessions as fairly abundant,. We did some recordings with Rare Earth Motown never offered to take us to California. Berry Gordy performed less as a hands-on company head and delegated more authority to others.

The company was starting to diversify and the employee roster was growing. Gordy was planning more involvement in the movies. When it was evident that Motown was moving to Los Angeles for good, many of the artists were not asked to join the move. When Motown finally relocated in , many of the musicians and vocalists were left in Detroit, including The Andantes.

Jackie recounts how unceremonious the move was,. By , The Andantes were finding work less and less frequent in Detroit.

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This was certainly not because nobody wanted them, but when Motown left Detroit, they took the Detroit music scene with them. The Andantes were still in demand at United Studios, but it was no match for the level of work that they received while at Motown. Unfortunately, the deal fell through. Eventually, Louvain accepted work that was being offered in Atlanta, Georgia, finally splitting this cogent team that was The Andantes.

She then joined The Richard Law Singers, making live appearances in Nashville and Atlanta and recording the soundtrack for the movie "Black Starlet" in They also sang behind the famous Harlem Globetrotter Meadowlark Lemon. Louvain's memorable soprano also graced recordings by Jonathan Edwards and Loleatta Holloway. Louvain has recorded jingles for the local news and the acclaimed show "Look Up Atlanta". Louvain ultimately moved south to take advantage of the plethora of work she had found. In addition to her singing, Louvain is employed as a governess and has also found fulfillment as an evangelist.

Girl Groups : Fabulous Females That Rocked the World by John Clemente (2000, Paperback)

Marlene and Jackie worked for a while in Detroit, but eventually gave up singing as a full-time job. Marlene then settled down to raise her family in Detroit. Jackie also lives in Detroit. Jackie and Louvain are two of the former Motown artists who come out for the annual fundraisers that Esther Gordy Edwards sponsored for the Motown museum, housed at the original location of Motown Records on W.

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Grand Boulevard. Here, fans are treated to candid, but tasteful recollections by the trio, all honest and heartfelt thoughts, fond memories and exclusive photos.